Hello. My name is Lea. I’m a graphic designer based in Copenhagen. I have a BA in Graphic Communication and 4 years of international experience working with branding and design.

Noodle bar

Noodle bar is a new restaurant chain serving simple yet delicious noodle dishes. A bold identity playing around with minimalistic patterns consisting of noodle-like strands and chopsticks.

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum (The Esbjerg Art Museum) is an independly owned art museum in Esberg in southwest Jutland, Denmark.

This is Fitbaw
This is Fitbaw (Fitbaw; Scottish slang for football) is a modern football pub in Edinburgh. To stand out from the many traditional Scottish pubs and sports pubs around, I created a simplistic, playful identity with bold colours.


Aviaya is a premium brand consisting of 100% natural products for use on the face, body and hair. Simplistic design with a soft colour palette taking inspiration from air, water and earth. 

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